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Mota Cbd Soda Bottles

Mota CBD Fruit Jellies are a tasty alternative way for those looking to medicate without feeling the psychoactive effects of cannabis. These tasty fruit-flavoured jellies pack quite a punch of CBD – each pack contains a total of 200mg of CBD split between 10 delicious Key Lime and Strawberry flavoured candies. Reap the benefits of CBD and step foot into the future with Mota CBD Fruit Jellies. DOSAGE Each package contains 200mg of CBD. Start with one or two candies and allow half an hour for digestion before eating anymore. INGREDIENTS Glucose, Fructose, Gelatin, Tartaric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavours, Natural & Artificial Colours & CBD Isolate CANNABINOID CONTENT 200mg CBD CONTENT 10x Strawberry & Key Lime Jellies WEIGHT 60g

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