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Gelato Powered by BIG SMOKEY FARMS
Gelato was created through a cross of the famous Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strain. This tasty strain is famous for its delicious flavor and euphoric high. Gelato has a flavor that’s said to be much like a sweet sherbet, with fruity blueberry and orange flavors. The aroma is just as sweet, with a lavender citrus berry bouquet

Although seeds may vary in phenotype expression, the cut that was used to make these seeds was Gelato  which is said by many to be the most desirable cut of Gelato.Gelato BIG SMOKEY FARMS



Gelato strain. This strain is a mixed of indica and hybrid strain. Gelato m to be much like a sweet sherbet, with fruity blueberry and orange flavors. The aroma is  sweet, with a lavender citrus berry bouquet that give a woody effect as the nugs are broken apart and smoked. They provide  flower with remarkable strains which are also accessible as cannabis and extracts oil. Although it has a tasty flavor, Gelato is definitely best love for its effects. Gelato strain. Even with its slight indica dominance, the high is head heavy in nature and won’t leave you sedated or couch-locked. It start with a rush that hits you in the forehead, with an uplifted euphoria and a sense of slightly focused energy. Gelato strain, is just the best for you.


The sweet citrus and fruity flavors. It offers an uplifting and energetic high that is perfect for any post-work activity after a long day. Top as it doesn’t have that classic cookie flavor. Many users have described this strain as mind-bending due to it truly being two sides of the same coin, blurring the lines between where the indica begins and the sativa ends. The cost of them always determine where you buy. A hybrid pack with a split of Gold, Silver and Bronze players! Includes 12 players, 4 Gold, 4 Silver, 4 Bronze, all Rare. Pack that consists of twelve cards, the standard amount. From search, we found out about the cheap nature of this strain and make it world know to our uses.


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